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Burleigh Brewing Co


Branding and packaging design for Gold Coast based Burleigh Brewing Co and their launch range of signature beers - Duke. Working closely with R&B Creative Art Director and the client the range of beers were launched to a very positive market and now still stand as the cornerstone of the Burleigh Brewing Co's impressive product line.

Role: Senior Designer. Studio: R&B Creative Communication



At all times, we found Ian to be impressively creative and at the same time, willing to ensure that he kept his work within the parameters of our brand brief. It was also obvious that Ian went out of his way to research the brand environment in which our product would be competing, as he provided useful insights to us about other beer brands and packaging during the design process. Ian was responsive to our needs and requests and worked quickly to meet the various deadlines that presented themselves. Thankfully, he also carried a lot of the load of coordinating details and design file changes with the companies producing our various packaging items.

Peta Fielding CEO/Co-Owner, Burleigh Brewing Company

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